Wingfoil Carbon Board 85L, 95L


GST inclusive: NZ$2,500.00

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These Boards are made to be user friendly while not sacrificing performance.  They are long and wide enough to be stable in all conditions. 


Deck: Recessed deck with HD Eva pad for comfort and grip.

Bottom: Double concave and bevels for smooth touch downs and takeoffs.

Nose: Round nose for easy glide and forgiving touchdowns.

Tail: Cut away tail with clean water release, wide for early planning


All boards are entirely made in house.  We are not green, but we source all local products when available and recycle all extra foam, we create very little waste and try to buy local products when available.  It makes a difference.

We only use epoxy resin which is stronger and cleaner with less VOC.

  • HD EPS Core: Made in NZ
  • HD PVC Deck: Cut in NZ
  • Epoxy Resin: Made In NZ
  • Carbon / Fiberglass: Imported
  • Durepox Primer: Made in NZ
  • Altex Paint: Made in NZ
  • EVA Pad: Cut in NZ